Our Process

Design. Estimate. Build.



Our process begins with design. There are six steps: design consultation, measuring and site documentation, as-built drawings, schematics, design development, and final construction documents.


Design Consultation:

We meet with you to discuss your needs, wants, functionality, priorities, and aesthetics for your home. Any images that help explain the look, feel, and concept for your space are welcomed at this initial meeting. If you have had a survey done of your property, this is also a helpful document to have on hand. A program for the spaces needed is begun at this time and we take budget and timeframe in to account as well. Afterwards we can best determine if we are a good fit for your needs. If you require basic decor expertise, we can continue the conversation over e-mail to communicate design ideas, share links for further information, and set up any further on site meetings.


Measuring / Site Documentation / Site Research:

After the initial meeting, we can decide if we are suited to work together based on schedule, style, and budgetary expectations. Should we proceed, we will enter a “Design Services Agreement” and a retainer will be required. Then information from your city, town, and/or county jurisdiction is gathered to best understand the parameters we are building within re: zones, districts, conservations, septic, plumbing, lot boundaries, easements, etc. The site is photo documented and any additional measurements will be done to the 1/2”.


As-Built Drawings:

All necessary plans and elevations of any existing structures that may impact the project and/or the design of the space are drafted. This gives us a basis for design development and an underlayment for program implementation.


Schematic Design:

Now that we have a solid understanding of the site, structure, existing space(s), and budget, designing for the program can begin. At the initial schematic design meeting layout options are discussed and the program becomes more refined. By reviewing the potential options together an overall design is hashed out.


Design Development:

Once a scheme or layout has been agreed upon, the design is developed. Floor plan(s), along with exterior & interior elevations are presented and discussed. Materiality and finish samples are provided to begin to form the palette for the space. A plumbing, mechanical, electrical plan is drafted as well. The idea is to get ‘enough’ information drafted and noted on paper so that we can best estimate the cost for your project, i.e. a bid set submitted.


Construction Documents:

Any changes/revisions that can potentially happen after the estimate is completed due to budget, consult, and/or further site assessment will be documented. The final construction document set includes, but is not limited to: site plan, demolition plan, floor plans, exterior and interior elevations, structural engineering drawings (foundation and framing plans, details), and plumbing / mechanical / electrical plan, along with all material & fixture schedules. These drawings are submitted for zoning & building permits and a start construction date is confirmed.




Once there is ‘enough’ on paper we can bid the work. All of our renovations/addition projects have a Cost Plus building contract format.

In the design phase we try to get the best sense of the budget. We work with every budget, large or small, to get “the biggest bang for your buck.”


1. At this time we review the design with our building team. Triple Aught Design + Build carefully considers the project and provides you with a Cost Plus” estimate. We consult with our selected team of subcontractors who provide us with each of their assessments and quotes. The estimate is broken down in to each of the line item categories the project requires to completion and we present this to you along with a timeline. Should we need to adjust the design, scope of work, and/or materiality to meet the budget, we enter ‘cost engineering.’ Once a cost has been settled on, we will enter a “Cost Plus Building Contract.” We request a retainer of 5% of the projected cost to reserve a time slot on our building schedule. Should construction be eminent, we request a deposit of 20% of the projected construction cost. The retainer would be applied to the deposit. All payments are non-refundable and cannot be transferred nor deferred.

2. The final construction documents are submitted for permitting.



Exceeding expectations is our standard. Impeccable design. Thoughtful project management. Focused cleanliness. Budget conscious throughout the project. Sustainability in design and execution.

  • We care deeply about our relationship with our projects. After years of accumulative projects we recognize the most important factor of a successful job is respect for our clients, their space and the people on the job site. We show this respect with honesty, openness and cleanliness.
  • We work exclusively with our carefully selected team of subcontractors and suppliers. Over the past 10 years we have established relationships with experienced and licensed trade professionals that understand and are committed to our projects’ design integrity.
  • Cleanliness sets the tone for anyone who comes to our job sites. Jobs run smoothly when a job site is clean for every team that starts their part of the project. Many of our projects require working under the same roof as people are living day to day. We make every effort to respect your home and privacy, and try to make the process as stress free as possible. All surfaces are protected as needed and dust/dirt is contained as best we can. Clients appreciate it, inspectors appreciate it, subcontractors appreciate it and we expect it.
  • Communication is key to a successful project. Triple Aught Design + Build embraces the team concept when embarking on any given project, large or small. As our client, you are part of our team and we all work together to bring quality, sustainability, and carefully considered design to the built world.
  • All projects have unexpected needs and costs. We take as much time as possible to find these prior to bidding a project in order to have the most realistic budget as possible. Your budget is extremely important to us and we know it is important to you. Typically we request payment for work completed once a month. At this time we all meet on site together to review the payment request.
  • Everything you touch on a daily basis should feel good, feel substantial, and feel well placed. Care is taken with every aspect of a project to be built to last and leave the imprint of a craftsman. Our whole team will never do anything they are not proud of at the end of the day. If it is not right we make it right.
  • We want to challenge the fact that building is a rough experience and set a new standard for making residential construction an enjoyable experience. From start to finish we exceed expectations by keeping ours high.